Product : Coconut

We bring you only the good stuff from nature’s table .....

We work very closely with our farmer cooperatives and food processors to ensure products are of the very best quality. We insist that our coconuts are ‘raw’ or have gone through minimal processing, so you know the vital minerals and vitamins are still present. In addition, our coconuts are sourced from farmers that have organic certification or farm naturally with no pesticides or herbicides.  Our processors in the Philippines and Sri Lanka also have formal certification including Organic, FairTrade, Kosher and Halal accreditation.

We have a stunning range of organic, vegan approved coconut produce, including cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, pure unrefined coconut sugar, naturally gluten-free flour, premium coconut milk powder, pure coconut nectar and a unique range of naturally fermented organic coconut vinegars and amino sauces.


Product innovation is key to Organic Planet’s success. Through analyzing product trends in the specialty food and niche markets, we can anticipate consumer needs and keep our selection progressive. One of these ‘trend’ products is organic Coconut Sugar & Coconut Syrup. With our partners in Philippines & Sri Lanka, Organic Planet mastered the challenge to quickly create a stable source of supply for coconut sugar and coconut syrup to meet the growing demand for healthy sweetening solutions. We collaborate with two cooperatives that work strictly based on sustainable and organic farming practices. By maintaining the traditional production of coconut sugar and coconut syrup, we ensure maximum flavor and quality.