Extra-virgin olive oil

Product : Extra-virgin olive oil

Great news! Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been selected as the 6th best Extra-Virgin olive oil in the world at the prestigious International Olive Council “Mario Solinas” annual competition in Spain of Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the “Mild green fruitiness” category. This ranking came after intensive efforts and a great work of our supplier to ensure the highest quality and the best taste possible.

Our Extra-Virgin Olive Oil comes from the groves of the land of Segermes situated in the north east of Tunisia between the hills of Zaghouan and the plain of Bouficha not far from the roman WATER TEMPLE and the aqueducts built in 122 AD under Emperor Hadrien.

Segermes is the name of the ancient roman city which was on the site. The Byzantine church and the baptistry on the domain are witnesses of it’s glorious past.

There is no room for fertilizers or spray, nor any kind of treatment used in the pressing of the olives, the preservation and bottling of our Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.

We have launched our own Brand called “FARADIS” that is now commercialized in the WHOLEFOOD market –America’s Healthiest Grocery Store -in the US and that can be shipped to all over the world. For that fact, We are able to supply as well:
Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil / Virgin Olive Oil / Ordinary Olive Oil in different sizes:
– 500 ml Glass Bottle
– 1 Liter Glass Bottle
– 3 Liter Tin Can
– 5 Liter Tin Can
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